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Copa Vida Coffee

Tom Schimmel and the team at Living Water have been our go to team for our water needs. At Copa Vida, we consider water to be one of the most crucial elements in regard to product quality. Tom and his team have been with us since day one and have helped us maintain a precise water formula that highlights our coffee. Tom’s attention to detail and willingness to work with your exact set up and needs, really helps us to trust him and continue to work with him with all of our cafes.

Kéan Coffee™

I have been working with Living Water for close to 20 years, and to this day I trust Living Water for all our water filtration needs. At Kéan Coffee™, we pride ourselves in serving the best coffee from around the world, and consistent water quality is one of our top priorities in delivering the perfect cup of coffee to our customers. Living Waters’ knowledge and expertise when it comes to water is second to none in the business, they have provided consistent service for our shops and roaster over the years.

Groundwork Coffee LLC.

Working on behalf of industry leading craft coffee roasters and coffee equipment manufacturers, my customers require precision water filtration to ensure the quality of their coffee. After years spent working with various water filtration experts, I only recommend Living Water. Not only are they affordable, Living Water equipment is reliable and effective. I have peace of mind knowing that the Living Water team will consistently execute excellent customer service.

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